Friday, August 7, 2020

The N'ers are Busy Building Down at the Club

The N scalers are really busy working on the top deck of their layout down at the RMCQ club.

The wharf and water scenes are really coming along fast with a large contingent of workers at it a couple of days a week. Even some HO'ers have jumped in to get experience and to lend their experience. Enough gasbagging, here's some photos from the other day:

Below, we see the long dock area for small craft like fishing boats. There is a boat builder/repairing at the right hand end.

Below we can see it is going to get busy and the detail is coming along great. Running trains into the area will sure be fun.

Below we see the boat builder/repairer scene.  You have to have one of these around a wharf area don't you :-)
Next we have the main large wharf that juts out into the bay with its scratch built warehouses (yep, all bits scratch built).  A coastal freighter will be glued down once the wharf detail is complete.

The water is done with tissue paper and glue shaped, then paint, then the gloss medium and the like on top.
The other side of the main wharf showing another freighter and the river bank which is getting lots of little scenes on it as well.


  1. Not too sure - I think there might be some parallel thinking - when on a good idea, it will spread.

  2. Don't want to be too critical, as I am liking the feel of what you are doing, particularly the water. However, if I was detailing the "other side" of the dock, I would widen the gauge for your travelling crane, and perhaps reduce the height of what I think are bollards. Just a thought.