Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Fishing on My Sickie

To my work mates I am, cough cough,  ill. But I needed to make an urgent repair to a downpipe before any more rain comes and floods my yard again - most of the roof drains via this one pipe which had a blowout due to age - the tin just couldn't handle it any more. So...

Been grocery shopping.

Been to my local hardware store and gotten all the bits I need for the house repair.

Been to Supercheap Auto to get a few bits for taking to train club tomorrow ( I take Wednesdays off as RDO's) – knife blades, couple of cans of grey primer spray paint and stuff.

I've done a final cleanup of my chook shed before my old folks turn up for inspection after their two week trip and me lookin' after their chooks. I have no idea how I ended up with their chook house and chooks at my place and they ended up with a nice clean backyard at their place...

Threw out a couple of dozen old cactus plants that were dead - amazingly the other 500 or so are still going strong - bugger. Now I'll have to arrange a Sunday to setup a table out front of the house and advertise Free Cacti just so I can get them out so I can demolish the old cactus shed. Cacti used to be a hobby of mine decades back as they are reasonably simple to look after - even with all those spines. If you are interested I have a website with pictures of them and their flowers all arranged with scientific names etc. www.mixedpk.com

Went and got some parcel mail from my Post Office.

Answered 2 work phone calls – wonder if I can claim OT for that? Probably not - cough, cough.

Now resting and having a cuppa from my new Aldi coffee machine. Remember to always do a lot of resting when you are sick...

Plan is to attack the heights at noon sharp.

There - noon has arrived.

1.75 metres of downpipe now fixed with K190 Race Tape. No use cutting the pipe out and doing a proiper job just yet as it all has to come down and be rerouted once the old cactus shed goes and train shed gets up. So a good temporary solution is the old 100 mile an hour tape. Probably outlast the house!

Lemon tree pruned back by 25% for now – got a pile of lemons still on it.

Neighbours have now signed and delivered to me the Concurrence Agency Application I need for my shed and I have just come back from delivering it to the Titan Shed man.

Have vacuumed the house even - amazing how much lawn clippings and leaves get tramped in all the time when you don't take your old work boots off!

Loaded the car with tools, trains and stuff for tomorrows train club day.

Another coffee is now in order.

Oh, and I have now put the plants in the trailer ready to take to my sisters place tonight that she wanted - some staghorns, elkshorns and bromeliads. That gets rid of some more from the old pergola that is to go under the development plan for the train shed.

Now I am going to go watch some videos of model trains on YouTube and write a page or two for my clubs newsletter that I edit.