Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another Prerequisite Done

A Prerequisite

I almost get a step closer every weekend. This weekend I got a clear day on Sunday, so was able to go chase down all the bits I needed to mount up a cloths line.

I'd purchased an Aussi made one the other week - an Austral pull out type - 5 lines over 8 metres. This would fit nicely between the old shed and the house for the time being until the old shed goes. At least it will allow us to do some washing since the old hills hoist is now just a pile of piping and wire in the back yard, having to be dismantled to make way for the more important train shed.

So during the week I'd knocked off work a few hours early and headed down to Bunnings to grab some Dyna blots and some galvanised coach screws. I also needed a slab of 35 mm thick hardwood and couldn't find any at home. But as I was backing the car out of the garage, there was a nice sized plank sitting under the car - nice find and cost savings.

The slab of timber was to go on the old shed to spread the load of the cloths line but also to give me somewhere to bolt the thing to (blue bit on the shed in the picture), as the front of the shed had no timbers in the right places. So anyway, to cut a long story short, I mucked around all morning (I expect the 3-4 coffees and reading the paper in between might have made it take a lot longer) and got the cloths line up. So I was able to get a load of the unmentionables done on on the line to dry in our nice hot weather with a nice breeze to boot.

What's Yet to be Done

I thought I'd show some of the mess I need to play musical chairs with before I can get into the new train shed and start setting it up. Silly me tied the council approval for the new shed to the demolition of the old shed so as to save on costs for the certifications. So until the old one goes, I can't get sign-off by council and therefore can't even get any sparky work done or insulation or lining done in the new shed. So I have to do the following before getting in the certifier:

1) Move car out of garage onto the driveway - that can be its new home until I get a carport late next year.
2) Clean out the garage and put up relevant shelving, benching and storage brackets.
3) Move all the stuff I want to keep from the old shed to the garage.
4) Get a hold of a sparky to disconnect the old shed from the mains power board.
5) Get a hold of a plumber to cap off the water that goes to the old shed and to also cap the drain that the old wash tubs empty into.
6) Arrange a demolition crew and get them in to flatten and remove the old shed and remove all the junk in there as well. They are to leave nothing but the soil it was standing on. What was the old Dean Brothers motto "All we leave behind are the memories..."

Only then can I get the certifier out to get my sign-off so I can then start fitting out the train shed.

Here is the washtub room in the old shed. The shelving can be moved into the garage and resume its normal function. Half the gear in it though, will need to go - I honestly don't need a pile of it as it has gone off if it was glue or rusted up etc. There is also a pallet of ceramic tiles there to get rid of as well. I think they cost me about a half dozen cartons of beer about 20 something years ago! The washtubs are busted and chipped and not worth keeping either - would have liked to keep them, but they aren't really re-usable.

Here is the main part of the shed with a pile of stuff in it. I'll keep the old circular saw bench which is up behind the cement mixer and also keep the cement mixer (don't know why, but a bloke has to have a cement mixer in his shed!) In fact most items in this section will be kept.

Now here is a shot of the garage where all the above needs to go into. The garage of course has a roller door. But the back of it also has a roller door. I think I might have to get it working again as it hasn't been used for 10 years and is pretty much seized up - or maybe I should remove it and put in a door...

Anyway, that's what I need to do before I can use my train shed.

After all this, then I can get to the OTHER stuff - like the pergola, a carport, driveway etc etc.