Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Planning Some More

Was chatting yesterday to a fellow club member - Scooter (Craig by any other name) who happens to also work in the same department as I do. I forgive him for being a Horribly Oversized modeller and not one of we Normal modellers of railways, as he is sometimes, I stress sometimes, worth talking to! While chatting away about all things railway, and some whinging about work, we came up with a few more ideas as to possible layouts for my railway empire.

So when I got home yesterday I went out in the dark with my trusty little torch and measuring tape to get a proper dimension of the inside of the shed. I have in the past just been going on the shed dimensions as sold to me, and they are of course outside measurements - 7 m x 12 m. So I unlocked the castle and took to it with a tape measure. I have then added the thickness of the lining I will be doing to the walls. Being about 1 cm thick should be close enough to cater for either 9mm or 12mm plywood lining of the walls.

So this gives me a usable area to design the layout, of approximately 6.740 m x  11.870 m (about 22' 1½" x 39').

I have added the door in its exact location as well, and taken into consideration that a helix is not the best thing to view when first entering a layout room, so it has moved. In fact my workbench has moved as well and I have reduced my shelf requirement by one. I reckon 2 sets of shelves should suffice. In fact I really think one may actually be the go in the end. This comes from the realisation that I have all that space under the layout to store all my storage boxes. These boxes are all 10 litre plastic tubs with lids that are nice and dust proof and sturdy. They can stack nicely under the layout and shouldn't need to waste my shelf space.

Now of course the layout is a double decker, but here are the nine plans so far for the benchwork layout. There are obviously so many, but these are some I am mulling around in the head so far.

I am crossing my fingers for the next 2 weeks as there are cyclones coming and guess what?  Yep, I have a couple of weeks of holidays coming up (yes I just had some, but I work sooooooooooo hard - hehehehe) and Murphy looks like he is going to try slowing me down in getting ready to demolish the old shed. We will see....we will see....