Saturday, January 21, 2017

After Hours

I came across this channel the other day whilst browsing the piles of channels I now have access to since I recently upgraded our Foxtel cable TV. It is of course railway related. The channel is ch 656 "NHK World" and the program is called "Japan Railway Journal".

What an interesting half hour program - I am quite taken with it, as it is different. So a bit of looking around and I find there is a website for this:

So if you don't have Foxtel, you can actually watch for free on your PC each week or whenever it comes on. You can also see last week’s episode as well, as they keep it available for a week before the next one comes out. Oh and by the way, if you have an Android or Apple tablet or decent phone, you can download an app and watch the current show and the past weeks one on them.

BUT, I have also found that some busy little beaver has actually uploaded the whole 27 episodes (so far) of the series to YouTube. So you can watch all the episodes in one sitting if you like and all for free. So here is the list I have made of all the episodes on YouTube for you. But keep going back every now and then as they are making more with another coming out in the new few days.

Episode                               Title
1 The Railway Revival: 4 Years after the Great Earthquake
2 The New Shinkansen: Technology and Economic Effects
3 Isumi Railway: There's Nothing Here!
4 Diesel Hybrid Trains: Japan's World Leading Technology
5 Battery Hybrid Trains: Development of the Global Technology
6 Japan's Subway Technology in High Density Operation
7 The Secret of Operating Preserved Steam Locomotives
8 Special Preview - Hokkaido Shinkansen: Hopes and Challenges
9 Yamanote Line: The Green Rotating Heart of Tokyo
10 Seven Stars in Kyushu: The Local Revitalizing Cruise Train
Second Chances for Used Trains in Southeast Asia
Earthquake Safety: What 5 Years has Taught Us
13 Superconducting Maglev: The Extreme Speeds of Tomorrow
14 Ekiben: A True Rail Traveling Companion
15 Premium Express Shimakaze: A Train of Dreams to Reality
16 The Cat Stationmaster Who Rescued a Railway
17 New Generation Express: Journey to Speed and Comfortability
18 The Future of Rail Freight Transport
19 Light Rail Vehicles: Modern Trams Reshaping Urban Transit
20 Kyoto Railway Museum: The Story of Rail Transport in Japan
21 Keikyu: The Strive for World-Class Rail Operation
22 World-Class Maintenance: The Backbone of Shinkansen Operations
23 Railways Back on Track: Six Months after the Kumamoto Earthquakes
24 Future Prospects Made in the Past
25 Picking Up the Pace: JR Shikoku's Tactics for Survival
26 The Seeds of Success: Kyoto's Sagano Scenic Railway
27 Turning Problems into Opportunities: The Tsugaru Railway's Strategy