Friday, March 14, 2014

Heavy Metal

OK, hopefully not too heavy.

A few weeks back at a regular "Toosdy Niters" meeting of modellers on the south side of Brisbane (at Scooters place in fact) once of the blokes mentioned a design he had of storage in the ceiling of his shed. So I'd been mulling round that idea of having some storage in my new train shed at ceiling level and spotted a way of doing it while visiting Titan the other week. Oh, that's right - I went to Titan. Am going to pop down in the morning and sign the paper work for a large patio out back to join the train shed with the house and a double carport and driveway out the front of the house.

So while at Titan the other week I spotted some metal framing done up as a structure to put in at ceiling height to act as a simple shelf to cover half a bay of a shed. That way you can store stuff up high - what a great idea. I'll put it to the max and use that principle to put in a flat ceiling in the shed. So after a discussion with Greg at Titan, I ordered some whirlygigs for the roof to cool it down and enough panels to make a flat ceiling for the whole shed - and of course installation of the metal and gigs.

So I got a call two days back - they are ready to deliver. So when I got home Thursday night and finished late dinner and another 2-3 hours of remote work, I headed out with the torch and checked out my new delivery. You beauty! And they should be down next week to install - all things going well.

So here are the materials as viewed this morning out back of the house:

Usual good Titan quality joins and materials as well.

So once the ceiling is in place, the sparky can come do his wiring and I can then get my plywood sheeting install on the ceiling and walls - with insulation as well. I think I'll go the rock wool insulation for walls and ceiling spaces. All up I'll need 62 sheets of plywood if I don't waste any!

And here is the inside of the shed after having moved out all the crap that had found its way inside over the last 12 months. Ready for the bloke to install the ceiling next week.

It's all soooo exciting - getting closer and closer to being able to get in and do some MODELLING !!