Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bogged Down and Slow Going

Yep, I took 2 weeks off to dedicate to emptying out the old shed and what happens? It rains.

I supposed I'd whinge at anything - it was way too hot and humid (and rainy) over the Christmas break (and too many family things to do) and now it's raining. Oh well, you get that on a big job, they say. Who is this "they" anyway?

OK, so I obviously did go to my train club on Saturdays and Wednesdays over my two weeks of holidays and besides working on the club exhibition N scale layout, spent yesterday playing with a new application for my iphone - two apps in fact.

(1) And the Oscar Goes To.

The other day I was reading the IT news section, yes it was about IT stuff as I don’t read the gossip rags, and I came across this - Oscar Award for Best Documentary goes to Searching for Sugar Man film shot on Apple iPhone.

I was intrigued. So I went out and got me this little ‘ol 8mm Vintage Camera application for my iPhone. So on Wednesday I decided to have some fun rather than working on the layout all the time as I seem to do. So I played with my trains yesterday and took a range of videos. Here are some videos I took using said application on my iPhone which makes everything look like it was done on an old 8mm camera and done years ago.

Old Fashioned View of RMCQ Layout for 2013:

Burlington Northern Passenger Service from Way Back - Parts 1 to 3:

The old Burlington Northern Passenger Train + The Circus Train:

Circus Train Comes to Town:

5 'ol Diesel Trains:

Containers and Boxes from On High:

(2) I Take Up Art.

While on the subject of technology for phones, here is the result of another application I found for my iPhone called Paper Camera. Who said it was hard to be an artist?

Welcome to my old shed, hopefully soon to be demolished. I have more rec leave coming up in a month - two more weeks. Maybe I can get what I need done then. But at least today I did open the old girl up and completely fill my rubbish bin from empty to overflowing - I hope the rubbish truck can lift it tomorrow morning!

And here are a couple of shots from inside the old shed. I reckon this app it very artistic - there are other settings, but this drawing flavour seems more to my liking. Oh, and the lead photo up top is from this same app - call me Van Gogh perhaps?