Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nice One

Yep, "Dagun" is a really nice little layout.

Based on the real place of Dagun which is about 15 minutes south of Gympie up here in the Sunshine State. Built to a great standard by Anthony Veness, this little QR layout is 12mm track in HO scale, so that's HOn3½ in railway modelling terms.

The layout was at the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention being held this weekend at Beenleigh.  Great convention fellas - good time was had and I came away with some new info too - always good.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Getting Ready for Saturday

Because I am as cuddly as a nice fluffy pet with this beard of mine, I've been asked to come along to the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention this weekend, and to bring my modules showing a few ways to build the scenery bases for your layout.  This sort of thing:

So whilst I was in the garage (note that I said garage and not my shed - some would say something about a clothesline at this mention, but I wont - hey Scooter) getting out the modules.  I of course got side tracked.

At the fortnightly "Toosdy Niters" get together, this time at Dr Peters' place, Mr Mutton Bird (Arthur is an expert I hear in modelling this type of avian creature) brought along a pile of spare 12 mm bogies he had lying around suitable for the Southern Models HO scale VAK Coal Hoppers that Scooter and I had obtained a little while back that had come with 16.5mm bogies and hence not suitable for our QR trackage.

So whilst I was in the train mood, and it was before beer o'clock, I made use of these new bogies and installed them onto the four wagons I had.  I hear Scooter in the back of my mind thinking "simple job for a simple fella" - all I can say to this echo is... How's it like to go to work every day?  hehehe.

Anywho, so once I did this I got the modules out from under all the stored other items and cleaned them up ready for the show on Saturday.  I then decided to take a few photos of the VAK's and a brand new wagon I had acquired by swapping a HWO QR wagon I had for a nice new NPAX from SDS.  The detailing is fantastic on this Calcium Oxide wagon.  Thanks for the swap Scooter.

Once I took the shots I thought I'd play with he Helicon Focus software I have for stacking photos and getting a better depth of field.  A bit of adjusting and they come out pretty good for a quick few shots with the mobile phone.  Here is one of the newly re-bogied VAK's on one of my demo modules:

And here is the nice new NPAX wagon ready to run behind a NSWGR loco :-) 

Oh, and here are some shots of one of the many, many great scenes on Dr Peter's NSW based layout.  What a great Aussi scene and detail work:

Now to get back to "work" and assemble a new 5 tier rack to store the trains on.