Sunday, September 17, 2017

Spring Time

So a little birdie in the Toosdy Niters group sent out a reminder that Aldi had some nifty items available for last Saturday. Sooo one just had to pop in on their way to the train club.

So I am now the owner of two of the Multipurpose Supports as they call 'em. 

After reading the papers and entertaining some visitors for coffee in the morning, it was time to do something - assemble the Lego kit. Didn't take long at all, well it wouldn't have if I hadn't played the clumsy and dropped the dang washers and nuts all the time. Just in case, I wore my overalls and steel cap safety boots! Also, only 2 tools required... 3 if you count me I suppose (got in before ya Scooter!)

These will come handy for the day I start the layout, now won't they?