Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make use of the Day Off

So I had today off since I had a quack appointment around noon - not worth going into work. So after the visit to my GP, it was time to attack the paving some more.
First I lifted and moved a pile of them to near the old chook shed for use later in putting down a decent floor in the little shed. It will do as a nice mower house I reckon since the chooks are now gone.

Then it was time to start lifting all the remaining ones and let them dry off a bit so as to make the removal of the dirt, sand and such before stacking them.

By the time I got back to the first one I'd lifted, it was dry and warm.

Then it was time to go move the remaining pavers. I added another layer or two near the chook shed and the rest went to down the side of the house.

So this left the old paved area nice and ready for demolition man to remove the concrete when I am eventually ready to arrange it - much more work to do emptying out the shed.

I suppose my next bit of work will be to move the stack of un-used tiles to the garage.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't Talk, Do It.

I've now been back at work for a week - a fella REALLY should have an easier way of getting money.

Anyway, while I was on my latest two weeks of holidays, I actually got two full days of work done, out in the old shed - amazing I know. I tell you, as soon as people hear you are on holidays, it's wanta a cuppa time all the time! But two days heading towards my empire is better than nothing.

Another reason that slowed me down was this thing called old age. We all travel towards it and hope it stays well ahead of us. But sometimes that blasted fella called Murphy, pokes his bloody head out and take a shot at ya. The other day I was getting ready to go out back and do some work and was sitting on the side of the bed and bent over to pull on my work boots, and that was it for the day and the next - I threw me blasted back out!  How at my age does that happen?  I mentioned it to both my siblings and they too get that sort of thing from time to time they tell me - geez this getting older sucks and does sneak up on one. All that is beside the point. 

First job was to get all the nuts, bolts, nails and all sorts of bits and pieces off the shelves directly in front of me on this photo.

They were all moved into the garage and onto my existing set of shelves for just that sort of thing. Next was to move all the timber and metal stock I had stored on the wall on the right hand side in the above photo and the left side on the photo below. I moved it to the garage and put it all on the floor first.

So I managed to get all the wall brackets that support the steel and timber stock one keeps around the place, off of the walls and into the garage. All the timber, steel and such followed as well. I tell you, putting Dyna-bolts into brick is easy compared to the Besser brick in the garage. The motor was so thin and not all the way on each brick, so I had all sorts of trouble requiring drilling more holes and then more holes in the steel brackets. But it got done. So here is a shot of the garage with its new brackets and timber stores and pipes and such back in place.

And here is the empty wall space in the old shed.

I was also able to destock the old steel shelves my dad had built me that were in the back room of the old shed and move them into the garage and stock them up again. Bloody hell - the old man sure made them solid. I think he welded them up in my old shed, as they were HEAVY. I had to get a second set of muscles from the bloke living upstairs to move the damn thing - 10 feet at a time - many rests required. But move it we did.

Here are the shelves before moving.

And here are the shelves moved and restocked with what I wanted to keep. I also moved and restocked my two other shelves in the garage so they are now all in their permanent locations. Here are the shelves in place before all the stock goes back on. The shelves at left are the good solid, last forever, steel ones.

With all the moving and sorting, I managed to get two more 200 kg trailer loads of junk down to my local tip as well. Besides the shelving moving, I have every now and then in the arvo, gone and moved some pavers - there are oodles of the blighters to move. So all the ones I have lifted to allow the new shed to be build have finally been moved today after the club visit.

Now I have to lift the remaining pavers and move them as well. None will be wasted as they can all be used on my new pergola once I have completed the commissioning of the new shed.

So progress slow as it is, is happening.