Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make use of the Day Off

So I had today off since I had a quack appointment around noon - not worth going into work. So after the visit to my GP, it was time to attack the paving some more.
First I lifted and moved a pile of them to near the old chook shed for use later in putting down a decent floor in the little shed. It will do as a nice mower house I reckon since the chooks are now gone.

Then it was time to start lifting all the remaining ones and let them dry off a bit so as to make the removal of the dirt, sand and such before stacking them.

By the time I got back to the first one I'd lifted, it was dry and warm.

Then it was time to go move the remaining pavers. I added another layer or two near the chook shed and the rest went to down the side of the house.

So this left the old paved area nice and ready for demolition man to remove the concrete when I am eventually ready to arrange it - much more work to do emptying out the shed.

I suppose my next bit of work will be to move the stack of un-used tiles to the garage.

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  1. PK,
    Holy Crap! You can tile a small village with that many tiles.