Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Curing Time

The plumbers came this week and checked out the pipe that we'd found and it was suitable indeed. It was the old one that the downpipes had been draining into - yea!

So the trenches are now all gone and mounded dirt fills the holes. I continue to hose the slab in the hope it helps. And all the pipes are now new and locations known and at the proper depths for once.

So now it is a waiting game as I am off on R&R as of Monday - R&R being RailRoading! I am heading over to the USA and will ride a few trains around and have a nice break for 6 weeks. Rough plan is:

LA-Vegas-San Francisco-Denver-Chicago-Seattle-LA-Williams-Grand Canyon-Williams-LA

Until then the chooks will be looked after by Sharon upstairs.

When I get back at the beginning of October it will be hands to it again and clean out the old brick shed and move what needs keeping into my car garage. Then I can get the old one pulled down. In fact I think I can get the bobcat pilot to do the deed for me.

Mind you the new shed goes up just before I pull down the old one as I am booked in for erection of the Titan shed on the 19th October :o)  I think the cleanup of the old one might take about a month. It would be good if I can get the old one down by say the end of November, as I could then get council inspector sign off before the EOY. That would mean I could start electrical fitout and lining and insulation of the old shed in January.

So until I come back from the US of A - choo-choo.

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