Friday, October 19, 2012

The Delivery

Step 1 was getting the slab down. We can now tick that one off. In fact it is now well and truly cured, it having been about 2 months since it was poured. It should be good and solid by now and well capable of holding my shed to mother earth in all weathers.

So here we are at step 2 - getting the shed materials. May as well show a few photos of before the bits and pieces arrived.

So I took the day off work as I really can't get into it after having 7 weeks off for my R&R (only kidding boss, only kidding). I just had to take the day off - who wouldn't want to see all the bits for their shed arrive? So the Titan delivery guys arrived at about 9 this morning. I'd been up since the crack of dawn - it was just like Christmas morning.

Once the truck pulled up out front of the house and the obligatory paperwork done, they started to unload all the components needed to build my shed. 

About an hour later with a cheerio, they were gone and the materials were all here. Yeeeeharrrrrrrrrr  as those Texans would say! So here are the matching photos to the "before" shots.

And now some better shots of the bundles of material that will soon become this blokes man cave - his den of desire, his home away from home, his secret citadel, his cave of convenience, his room of respect, his "shed". These mere piles of metal and such will soon become my shed - buggered if I know what happens then...

So the Titan man reckons that next week they'll be around and start putting this large Meccano set together for me. So boss, if you are reading this, I'm gunna take another day off on ATL, Flex, RDO - otherwise I suppose I could be cough, cough, cough - sick on that day.

So till next episode, I cannot yet say "off to the bat cave!"

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