Sunday, December 7, 2014

Costly Door

Since the shed will eventually contain all my railway rolling stock and layout and modelling tools, I decided it really needed a proper door to keep the possible perpetrators out, rather than the current sliding glass door. So I found a place via word of mouth that are good, Taplin Security Products, and got them round for a quote and they got the order.

Geez that door on the shed ended up costing me!  It wasn't the company, as they were very reasonably priced - it was because they were reasonably priced that I also got some other doors and windows protected !!

So I ended up getting the large front sliding doors done, the front door, the front windows, the kitchen and bathroom windows, the bedroom windows and the back door done, as well as of course the train shed door. The chappy came out on Friday and got them all in on the one day and just managed to pack his truck just as the first spits of rain came down of the storm.

Nice job he did too. All nice and clean afterwards too. So now I am safer and a bonus is that all the mozzie screens are now new - the last ones all got shredded in the big hail storm a week ago, So that was great timing. Even the shed has mozzie screens now.

So now I can leave the back door open at night in summer for the breeze and the mozzies and miscreants are held at bay.



  1. Looks good! When are you starting building Dave?

  2. Can't rush it, but I will have to soon, as I am running out of excuses!