Sunday, November 1, 2015

As October Passes

The last couple of weeks was mainly involved with getting the N Scale Exhibition layout ready for the show at Ipswich last weekend - which of course went very well. Here are just two shots from the show of some layouts that took my fancy.

So let's see what happened at the club in the last few weeks.

Darryl J at the club got a coule of his fellas to come and install the fans in the clubrooms and to rewire the place a bit to get rid of those extension leads in the ceilings. We now have a cool clubroom - thanks Daz.

Whilst looking for something to do I noticed the poor old stockyard area on the HO layout was still minus its track, so I laid some down. I now just have to wire it up and she'll be a goer.

Dave has also been very busy with the Arduino and has his prototype setup to move point servo motors. See more in his posts on the club forums.

And because I could see the floor between the two track heights in the area at the base of the helix, I did a bit of landscaping and puttied up the gaps so it looks a bit more natural - haha.

AT the top of the helix we've put Barry P to work and he's given the hills there a good lick of no more gaps and colouring so that it too looks a little more natural for the time being until we do it for real.

On Saturday I installed the first of the small passing loops on the passing loops. These will allow us to run around our wagons whilst staying off the mainline. I managed one point on Saturday.

Peter A has been busy and has gotten a piece of track down on the big bridge. It is yet to be properly wired in, but Peter was able to run the first train up the helix and onto the bridge - nice.

On Saturday morning we also noticed that Tony must have been in and has installed the station buildings on the passenger station - looking good.

And of course the other day I finally received my package from Canada. I am now the proud owner of a pair of HO/HOn3½ dual gauge points jigs from Fast Tracks. And at our Buy & Sell and Open Day just today, Craig M brought along a pile of code 83 Micro Engineering rail he got for me from Ray at Austral Modelcraft. I think I know what I'll be doing over the Christmas period.

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