Sunday, December 6, 2015

Three Week Catchup

So about 3 weeks back, on the 21st of the month, Dave came in with more oh the kit he is working on - you know,  the little servo motors and Arduino electronics to drive them. This time he had some ready and has started to wire some into the layout down at the left hand end of the fiddle yard. There are always teething problems so a few swearwords were heard, but no tantrums - so it is all sounding promising.

I did more talking than work and ended up getting the scenery cut away for the small passing loop at the station platform I've been working on on the middle peninsula. I was then able to cut out some plywood to infill the are to support the track that will come. So the end of the day saw a pile of sandbags holding down the ply while it dried.

Prez John was bum up and head down ripping up the rear crossover and points and reinstalling it all using just points.

On the day, Peter A was busy at the waterfall area carving up and adding in more foam. The area is really going to look something when complete isn't it!

Moving on to the 28th of the month I again didn't get toooo much done, just cut out the bits of track where the new points for the main passing loop I am working on. It is amazing how long it takes to get a point out of a packet, wander all round the club talking and drinking coffee. It's pretty much all I did that day.

Wednesday saw bugger all work at the club. We were all lethargic due to the humidity and weather and many other factors. Talking crap at the table and drinking coffee was much more fun.

I did manage to file the edges of the tracks smooth where the points goes in, and wander all round the club talking and drinking coffee. Then find some more tools to use and wander all round the club talking and drinking coffee. Then insert the point and joiners then wander all round the club talking and drinking coffee. 

Now that brings us to this Saturday when a lot more happened. I at least almost finished my bit of track work. At least the flextrack is now in and glued down. Sandbags were again visible at the end of my work.Then glue down the flex track either side of the pints and wander all round the club talking and drinking coffee!

Peter A had done some more painting on the big bridge and he and an accomplice were busy carving up the foam in the canyon and making it look like it was snowing.

We also notice Tony was down and adding some more walls along the station platform of the big station. It is all looking really good.

So you are now caught up. So next weekend at the club is our Xmas do, so see most of ya there.

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