Sunday, December 2, 2018

Baby Powder

Look, there are many makers of weathering powders and similar type products.

Tamiya, Humbrol, Peco, Monroe Models, Aim Weathering Products, Bragdon Enterprises are just a few of the many makers of the modelling versions of these powders.  Over the years I have acquired a few different ones when the price was right.

A while back Peter A in the club came out of the closet cupboard and once he'd put down the model scenery items in his hands, he proceeded to tell me about an alternative that works well and can be a lot cheaper.  So he and I now use this new type of product - It's called Eye Shadow, and is quite fetching.  It sticks better than blush or other products so works for us.

Now, some apply there powders after painting a model and others just before they put a clear coat on over the top.  It all depends how much handling your model will get as to which way to go.  I prefer the powders after all the painting is done, as it shows up much better.

We found the BYS brand of cosmetics, which you can find at the cheap cosmetic stores around the place like Cosmetics Plus at Chermside, Strathpine, Carindale, North Lakes etc (look 'em up, as they do have a website) to be a good range of product.

Anyway, getting back to modelling, the model train variety.  Normally you'd say this girlie stuff is all sparkly and shiny - but's it's not.  We found that there are matte versions.  Matte makes it usable for us as it's not shiny - obvious hey.

Anyway, they are available in simple small compacts with a number of similar colours in each. We've found the 5 colour compact which is about 5 bucks and comes in two series of colour, "Desert Safari" and "Deep Space", is pretty neat as you get 10 colours for 10 bucks and that should cover most things you want to weather.  They also have 8 colour compacts in matte called "Camo Couture" and "Palette Neutrals".  These at 7 bucks are very good value as well.

Then there is the big gun, the big 12 colour unit - with a mirror !  This one is just called "matte" and at 15 bucks covers pretty much all your colours in one handy compact that will fit into your purse, I mean modelling box, very easily.

So just for show, I grabbed an old HO scale boxcar shell I'd been practising sand blasting and clear coating on.  On the left-hand side I have quickly used some Tamiya Weathering Powders and on the right-hand side I have used the BYS matte colours from some of the compacts.

So, there are alternatives to expensive modelling powders.  Now, here is a handy hint:  When you go into one of these shops, make sure there are a pile of other people in there, otherwise a single old fella hanging around looking at makeup, tends to get the young things behind the counter a tad worried!  And DO NOT bother to tell them what it is for. Just let them assume you are weird, as it is much simpler... believe me I know.  If you try to sound normal by saying it is for your toy model trains, then, listen to yourself... and run, run Forest, run!

Stay tuned as next week we will do a trial of Hair Removal Products, but we are still trying to get some brave souls to step forward and be out test subjects...

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