Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do You Want Cream With That?

What do you want with your Pi?  Trains Please!

So I got myself a Pi, a Raspberry Pi that is. No it is not something edible, it is a tiny computer. I'll not explain it all here, but suffice to say it will replace the need for a laptop on our club N Scale Exhibition Layout.

We use a laptop computer to run JMRI and the wireless component of it so that we can all use out phones and tablets to control our model trains. We have of course our NCE 5 amp DCC system in place and rather than use their radio addons which have a few limitations, particularly at shows, we will use JMRI and "wireless" technology which doesn't have the same problems.

Over a bunch of posts and time, I will detail out my purchases, setup and testing of the Raspberry Pi on the club layout. This will of course come in real handy once I get my own layout up and running as it will be one of the ways I will be controlling my trains at home.

So tonight I finally cleared a space on one of my desks in the house that used to have up until a few hours back, my old PC on it. There is now space where I put all my bits and pieces for my Pi so I could see them and hook them together.

But tonight I will not bore you with all the details, I'll leave that for another day, tonight I can advise I was able to load up NOOBS v1.37 and install Wheezy Raspbian (7 Jan 2014). I was able to browse the web using the ethernet connection as well as disconnect that cable and plug in the wireless dongle and connect to the web via a wireless connection via the iPhone. So I am on my way with it.

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