Thursday, June 12, 2014

Peeking around the Back Corner

So after the majority of the front carport was done, the back carport or as I call it The Patio, became the focus of everyone's attention.

First item in the list of things to do is to get all the parts spread out so you know where they are.

So once everything was found and laid out, it was time to put up the main structure - easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

As these four sections went up, the posts got bolted to the slab in the same way as the front carport was done. The hard yakka was left up to our only lady on the job, and she knocked it off nicely.

Now originally I had wanted a patio with insulated roofing material - you know the stuff - two sheets of tin with foam in the middle. I had thought, and rightly so, that the more insulation over my noggin, the cooler I'd be in the hot sun - or out of it.

But Titan don't do patios, but they do have carports. The sales dude pointed out that a flat roofed carport is constructed with a pile of "C" beams that lend themselves to having insulation popped in between them and sheeting screwed into place to hold it all in. This then gives the required insulation and noggin protection. It is also cheaper - I liked that part too.

So now was time for all the "C" beams to get bolted into place - This thing looks cyclone proof, earthquake proof and dynamite extra hot chilli bean curry proof!

After these "C" beams were in, it was a few strips of tophat metal strips to tie things together a bit.

At the same time that one fella is doing these strips, the other bloke was bolting the bracing in place to hold the main four beams to the posts.

It was now time to weather proof the structure and give it a roof. So one bloke is up on the roof bolting the sheets loosely in place while the other one is on the ground handing up the 7.5m long sheets of iron.

Once the iron is up there, both blokes go at it hammer and tongs and apply the 5,000,000 screws to hold the iron down to the structure.

And that is pretty much it. A bit of tidying up by the team and they were outta there with a job very well done!

All I had to do was to do a bit of hosing to get the dirt off the slab. Boy was I exhausted! - hehehe.

After hosing the slab,  I dragged out a small table and some chairs and grabbed a sixpack or two. So, beer for my neighbours Alex and Daniel and myself and later on Sharon came down with some vino and Graeme came down with some tokay and we christened the new patio. So here is the last shot just before the lights went out for the night.

I've still got some video material to put together of the build, which I hope to sort out over the weekend - so stay tuned.


  1. Finally all the waiting is over and you have a great looking as well as useful outdoor entertaining area. So on with The Shed work now. No excuses now!

  2. Damn.. I can't find an excuse... I'll have to start on the train shed again!