Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Figures... A Day Late

Figures!  The day after I did my sand blasting, the spray booth I had ordered decides to turn up.

So today we see the booth. I got one of these online from a mob down Sydney way for 95 bucks delivered. Got here in one piece and here we see the bits and pieces.

You get the booth which folds up neatly into a small suitcase of itself and then you get the three or so pieces that make up the exhaust tubing. The whole thing uses a 240 volt computer type fan in the back as the suction power. It comes with a short lead and the Aussi 3 prong plug on the end.

There are two layers of filter fiber in front of the fan to filter out the debris and paint or whatever you want. They say it has a capacity of about 3 cubic metres throughput per minute, which I reckon might just be about right for the sand blasting gadget I have as the fact that my compressor only has an output of 1.6 cubic feet per minute continuous also means that the portable airbrush spray booth should well and truly do the job. 

The booth should also be right for the airbrush I also have since I use the same compressor.

I suppose time will tell. Oh, and I only expect to use this setup outside anyway, since I don't fancy punching holes in my old car garage - maybe when the shed gets in use I can setup a proper spray area there and set the exhaust through the wall.


  1. Hi PK,
    If you have a sliding window close by to where you might use it indoors, the thin rectangular end piece goes up against the window and the frame. It is how I have used it in my laundry.
    I'm intrigued as to what that large circular end attachment is for as I didn't get one of those with mine? Is that a permanent through the wall fixture?

  2. I have now updated the first photo with some descriptions of the accessories.