Sunday, April 16, 2017

I'm Fading Fast

So in my last update I showed how a friend was doing some fast weathering and I started testing the same process for myself. 

Here is a quick look at what the boxcars looked like after their first spray, which was a swish swish, from left to right of the spray can and then right to left - so swish, swish. In the mix I have untouched wagons for comparison. Hence in each photo, the lower of a pair of similar wagons will be the original untouched one.

I have now added some more coats of the "Frosted Glass" spray paint. First up I gave a second coat, swish swish, of paint to the wagons and then let them dry of a couple of hours while reading some railway related books. Here are the wagons after that second coat.

Because the paint dries within minutes, at least to handling stage, I don't think I needed to wait that long, but what the heck I say. So after the third coat, here they are.

So here are the three different passes side by side. From left to right we have single swish swish and far right is the three swish swish's. Based on that you will deduce that the middle would probably be the two swish swish's...

I think the three double passes of paint should just about do it at this stage. Next I'll have to have a look at the bogies and dust them up a bit I reckon. But that's another time.

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