Friday, October 13, 2017

Growing a Lawn

So Thursday saw the need for me to start tending the lawn, the four lawns on the modules in fact.

So first up I used my medium sized Surform rasp to clear any debris from the right of way on each module. I am pretty much doing this between each step so that they are only small removals rather then whopping big ones which become awkward.

Then I got my tools and makings out and ready and of course my cuppa - black and strong (no comments Scooter, I know you got one in there somewhere). For the grass I use the Woodland Scenics Fine Turf in a couple of colours, the primary being of course Burnt Grass. I also use the Burn Grass colour from JTT Scenery Products as it is close but not the same as the Woodland Scenics and gives variety without hitting you in the face with a lime green or something.

So the first cab off the rank was the cardboard and plaster module and it got a good planting of grass with thinning patches here and there.

I then got into the swing of things and plowed the paddock on the other three modules for nice paddocks for the cows to eat. So by the end I had the four modules grassed and that was it for these modules for the day as they were quite moist and needed a lot of drying.

When I got home I decided to cut and glue up a couple of modules of foam for my part of the convention - I obviously need something to carve and such on the day. So I made up one of Extruded Foam and it took all of a single stubbie of beer to roughly carve and glue. My excuse - it was a hot day and I was dehydrated and needed liquid to sustain me.

So with the Extruded Foam module, I gave a rough shape to it and glued the parts together with Liquid Nails - the water based version. Before gluing, I roughed up the surfaces with a saw blade to make sure the glue had good purchase.

The second module I made of Expanded foam, the beaded stuff. It also was a one stubbie job due to the heat, not that I work slow (shut up Scooter).

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