Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Old Man's a Dustman - Part I

Did you know, my old man's a dustman?  Nah he's not, as he was a fitter and turner by trade, but the song sung by that Scottish fella Lonnie Donegan by that name, was funny as heck.  Anyway, I digress.  It is dusty as hell in my garage under my supposed large work table.  My old man made some special hardware for that table of mine.

I built the table myself from chipboard for the top and it sits on 3" x 1½" pine timber for the frame.  This is all then screwed onto some folding legs.  All pretty normal you say, and yes that bit is.  Now to make more room in the garage, I asked the old fella many moons back, to see what could be done.  Quick as a flash he said I could lean it up against the wall.  I of course answered him back... Stupid I know, Yeh, that's easy, but it could fall... says I.  And he said back, as if I was stupid, nah you git, we hinge it.  Then he mumbled and walked away to do something.

So he eventually welded up a pair of hinges for me with removable pins - nice and large so a dope like me couldn't loose them.  

The white part is dyna-bolted to the brick wall and the silvery part is screwed to the table.  There are two sets, one at each end of the table.

So the table when in use, sits on the ground and can be moved about.  But most of the time I have it down, but pushed against the wall with the hinge pins in place.  When more space is needed, I just lift it up against the wall and clip it back with a wingnut and bolt that is strategically located on the wall high up and out of the way.

Fantastic table.. when its not fully cluttered up.  So I decluttered it today and got rid of that old torn and dirty bed sheet over the window.

See part II to see what happens.

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