Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Old Man's a Dustman - Part II

Anyway, enough about the table in Part I, neat though it is.  Anyway, I had another job in mind when I started all that.  The table has been stacked high with all sorts of crap and hasn't been able to be used as my main modelling table for absolutely yonks.  I'd like to be able to start a project and walk away from it for a few days and not have to pack it up between sessions.  But there is also a problem in that there is a window on that wall allowing people to see in, but this is no real problem as if they want to look at an old wrinkly bloke building model trains starkers, that's their mental health problem !

More importantly, the sunlight comes in that window and will fade things and irk me for all sort of reasons, not least beaming into my delicate eyeballs.  Currently a very old bedsheet is nailed across the window, but that's not a good permanent solution.  So, I went to Bunnings and grabbed a couple of sheets of white 4 mm thick Translucent Tunnelcore panels - you know, like Corflute.  

So I've cut it to fit the inside of one of the sliding glass window panes and the other piece to fit between the outside security screen and the other window pane.  Trust me, I know what I'm doing !

Now, as a side thingie, I found that when trimming the sheets across the grain, any thin slicings do very much look like ladders.  Might be useful on a layout.  I'll need to investigate what sizes the sheets coming as to thickness and such.  I can feel a small project coming on.

So I put in the first sheet and checked inside and outside to see what it looks like and bonza mate.

I then trimmed and fitted the second sheet and it sits nicely now and wont flip out or move around.  No one can see in or out and the sunlight is kept at bay - so now my mate Dracula can come and visit during the day and we can both sit around in our birthday suits and no ones sensibilities will be offended.  An added bonus is that to do all this I had to clean the bloody area up and I can now do some more modelling without having to spend ages cleaning up first and then putting all the crap back afterwards :-)

So now to get ready to model... but first another cuppa and then maybe a snooze.  Then a read of some magazines and books, then dinner and then off to the Buy & Sell at the Union Pacific Model Railroad Club.  CYA.

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