Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting a Headache - The 1st of Many I Expect

Well, been mulling it around a bit more and here are a few more options I am thinking about for the basic benchwork layout for the main level.

A - bog standard straight lines with maximum straight runs but only 50 cm wide decks.

B - still gives a good 12 metre run up one side and all decks are 70 cm wide. Much better for industry and sidings I think - more depth compared to the narrow drawing A. This one gives good disperal of operating staff without them passing each other so often.

C - the long drag strip is gone and is now only 9 metres long. Operating staff are just a bit more on top of each other. All decks are 70 cm wide. If the peninsulas are the locations for heavy industries, then this one gives a better dispersal to drawing B.

D - even less long straight runs again, being down to about 6½ metres as the longest straight. But this one is probably the better for operations for people to stand without getting in each others ways. All decks are 70 cm wide.

There are just so many things to think of and balance when you get down to it when designing up a layout. I would really like to have really big long straight runs, but then that does cut into laying out of the benchwork and the room left for the operators.

So drawings A, B and C are the ones I am tending to lean towards. D has the most points for the operators to stand and alow others to very easily pass, then B, then C.

D also has the more points for deep industries to sit. The industries on D would also be nicely spaced out like is possible with C.

I suppose I shouldn't lock myself into anything yet until I do find out the space I have once the shed size is decided and built and ALSO what are my industries.

Oh well, let's go away and think about possible industries for a while - now where did I put that Great Model Railroads 2012 I just got?

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