Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OK, Now I Have REALLY Done It

As the sun was gently going down this afternoon at the end of quite a nice hot sunny Queensland day, the bloke from Titan Sheds just happened to be at my place checking up on a quote I'd gotten the other day when I was (cough, cough) sick. 

Looks like my pen somehow accidently slipped all over some of the Titan blokes' papers and I seem to have somehow contracted to buy a shed!

So now I really do have to do something about it all. A lot of work will need doing in the back yard to allow the shed to get in and the yard completed to suit it. And I have about 6 weeks to do it - that apparently is the rough time it takes to get the Brisbane City Council approvals for the shed.

On the left you see my back yard as it stands now, and on the right how it will end up - I hope.

The chooks are going as they are now costing more in feed than the eggs being produced. All the garden beds are going as the vege's just aren't going as well as in the past since the back neighbour has planted a whole row of tightly packed hedge trees across the back fence line, it now shades the garden beds. The compost heap can go as I can easily get a composting bin instead for the vege scraps - no where to use the compost anyway.

The old pergola goes for now, as there will eventually be a new one attached to the house and coming out as far as the new shed - that way I get a full under cover walkway from house to shed. The Cactus Shed also has to go. The poor old things haven't really been the same since I got more into the railways than the prickly things.

The old brick BBQ goes, as wood fired outdoor BBQ's are out - the Weber Kettler has been doing the job now for a decade anyway. The rainwater tank will end up at the back of the new shed and within 12 months I have to demolish the old brick shed as well, as it is just taking up space. The tools and mower and all that sort of stuff will move into under my house in what is currently my garage. I will then build a carport out front of the house to keep the car happy.

Oh yeh, the old Hills Hoist is out the back to the right of the BBQ - it will have to come out for a while. Once the old shed goes then at the back of the yard I can replant the Hills.

So that will leave a much nicer laid out backyard to look at once the new pergola gets built later this year or early next year. It also gives me my precious...

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