Saturday, February 4, 2012

The REAL Where do I put it

You think you have it thought out and then someone makes a smartarse comment, only it is not a silly comment, it has merit and so you think about it. AND think about it and think about it.

Then you realise, they actually have the better idea.

Had the Old Cheese make such a comment. I almost just talked right over the top of her, but got thinking later that night and for the past few weeks. Oh, you are all probably wondering what this all is about? Well, it is about the positioning of the shed in my back yard.

Originally I was placing it on the right side of my yard and I'd be able to have the doorway in the short wall. The coment was innocuous enough "Why not put it on the left side of the yard". Now after much deliberation it looks like I might actually do that. It might give a better layout for my backyard. But still more miles to travel before I make a solid decision.

Now of course this minor change makes it that the doorway into the shed would have to be on the long wall so I can enter straight from my also yet to be built pergola. So I have been playing with my CAD program some more and refining the idea. This of course then meant a small change to the layout benchwork positioning and more thought on that line.

My now even newer dilemma is that I am thinking that 50cm wide benchtops might not really cut it for me. It does give an absolute maximum possible mainline run, but it does make it harder to make busy industry areas. I had also not catered for the standalone walls to support the second deck either. So in my next set of drawings I added in some walls and have also drawn myself up a new design based on 70cm wide benchtops to compare with. Now there you go, a little voice in my head just said, what if it were 60 cm wide benchtops? and so it continues.

So if I have the 50 cm width, I still have aisles of 1 m width, but have pinch spots of 80 cm or less. If I go with my new design, all benchtops are 70 cm and all aisles are 1 m with NO pinch points. I think this gives a better operating environment even though I loose a little mainline length - but hey, this is N-scale, so I'm getting a pretty long mainline run anyway in this size shed (rough glance say I go from a single lap being 110 m down to it being 90 m).

Mind you, I still have to go see the shed man and see what size I can make the shed anyway. AND I may ask for an extra 1 m width and bring the shed up to 12 m x 7 m in the end - time will tell.

So the below drawings are based on 6 m x 12 m inside dimensions.

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