Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday the 17th Part II

or another heading would be - "Dang, I forgot the photos".

OK, they might not mean much, but it is of the old bits on the shed. So photo one is of the water out from the shed. It was only to carry out the old washtub water, and went out to this concrete junction (blue arrow points our way) with a small steel grate on top. From there it went down into the ground to meet up with the clay pipes that went off to where ever they go...

The red marking shows the area dug up to find and do the capping off.

Once this was done, they turned off the water at the street and capped off the inwards flow of water to the shed. When I came out to inspect it, it had me bamboozled as to why they cut the copper pipe above ground (red arrow).

Makes perfect sense when you think about it. They were about to dig a hole in the ground to then cut the pipe and cap it off. They cut the above pipe so there was very little water left in the pipe to run into the pit.

So they dug their pit, cut the pipe and then soldered a cap on the end of it. Water was then turned back on and all checked for leaks. Since all was good, they then back-filled the hole. Did a tidy job too.

 Then it was time for me to say goodbye and the famous words came back "the bill will be in the mail".

So that was Friday's Tradie's work.

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