Friday, January 17, 2014

Yup, It's Friday

Being that it is Friday, the plumbers turned up as arranged - on the dot of 07:30 this morning.

They have of course left by now, but the copper pipe has been welded off at below ground level and the old clay waste water pipe has this weird and wonderful plastic and rubber gadget clamped into it as below ground level.

So the shed is now isolated from the water systems - tick.

Next step is to get the shed disconnected from the electrical power systems. I have looked and it definitely not a job for me, so arrangements have been made and a Sparky will show up on Monday to do the disconnections.

I'll also have a chat to him about connecting up the new shed when it comes time and wiring in all the fluorescent lights I have for the new shed, plus air-conditioner of course.

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