Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Couple of Sheets to the Wind

Before I headed down to my local train club for my mid-week fix, the delivery bloke showed up with my plywood. 

These sheets I'll use to do my walls and ceiling. I purchased 30 sheets of 12 mm plywood to do the walls and another 30 sheets of 9 mm ply to do the ceiling with. All up I think I calculated it to be approximately 3/4 of a tonne the delivery bloke and I shifted to out back and into my shed.

The next item to come will be my R2.0 Earthwool insulation batts - but they'll be another week or so away. There will be enough to do all the walls and the ceiling.

Another bonus today was a call late this arvo from the certifier - my council approvals have come through for my double carport and patio. So by about mid May, the slabs will be down and the materials delivered - oooooooo, it's so exciting  :o)

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