Saturday, April 26, 2014

4 x 4 x 20 = 320

Bunnings got in my special order of R2.0 batts quicker than I thought they would. So I headed down with my trusty trailer this morning and collected my insulation before then heading on to the club for my Saturday fix of model railways.

It took two trips to take the insulation home - two packs each time. Here is the trailer half unloaded on one trip.

Inside each large pack are four smaller packs. Inside each of these four smaller packs are twenty batts (sounding like a Russian doll isn't it), each being R2.0 insulation and measuring 75mm x 600mm x 1200mm. The product is called Earthwool and is made by a mob called Knauf.

I piled the four large packs up outside the shed during the day and went to the club. After working on the HO scale layout all day at the club, I came home and took the packs out and into the shed. Now I have 16 packs of 20 batts sitting on the floor. The way the large packs exploded when I cut the packaging, shows what pressure they are under. The individual batts are under more pressure, as there are 20 of the blighters in each of the packs shown below. They reckon it is almost an explosion when they are cut open. I'll have to see if I can rig a video for that!

Next thing is to head off on another day and go buy some screws and then start the work I suppose. It will be a couple of weeks until I can get to work on it, as next weekend is the big train show out at Doomben.

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