Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wednesday - The Prep

So on Wednesday the digger bloke arrives at 7:00 and starts checking out the place to see what he needs to do so that my new Titan carport and patio can be built. At about 7:30 the plumber shows up and does the same. Just before both are ready, the head honcho for the concrete comes and checks it all out and minor adjustments are made. Digging starts as does the pegging out of where it all goes.

To save on money, a dirty big hole was dug in the backyard where the old shed used to be since there are no services there to be buggered up. This allowed all the spoil and concrete and stuff that gets dug up to be buried. So this will save me two ways - it saves me on dumping and cartage fees as well as saves me having to buy about 10 or so metres of soil to put out back to level the yard - win win for me and saves on time for the fellas doing the work, as no waiting around for the dump truck to return from the tip all the time.

So here are two shots of the front of the house showing the old dirt driveway before the earthworks began.

Here we are heading down the side of the house and looking over the spot where the old brick shed used to be that has turned into a botonical garden of weeds since the shed went.

Now here is the back door to my place. A few things will be happening here. The awning obviously has to go to make way for the patio and a new concrete ramp is going in. So the old garden, ramp and little besser brick wall will go. I'll have a longer and slightly wider ramp put in.

In prep work I did myself the other day, I had to move the mailbox a few metres along the front garden edge and cut the timber edging to make sure it didn't rip up when the earthworks began. At the same time I then had to cut a few tree roots for the same reason. The tree roots are from the large Poincianas on the footpath and they are all over the place and large ones at that (over 150mm). I had to get the big docking saw out and cut it that way (faster too). You can also see I had to rip up a few metres of paving to make way for the new carport as well.

Of course I then made myself scarce and headed to the train club (only got around to fixing one loco of mine all day) and some errands and to try and get rid of the big headache I've had for a few days. They say the flu shots don't give you the flu, but I reckon Murphy hasn't heard that and always gives me a good cold around this time of year.

So when I get home around mid afternoon, the diggers are done and the boxing is up and ready for most of the work in the backyard and the front is dug out and ready for boxing in the morning.


The pest control dude was also still there and putting in the lines where he will eventually pump the poison in for termite control. Now earlier when I mentioned the plumber, you all nodded your heads knowing that roofs need draining and hence the water fella was required. But I also needed him for the back door ramp. There was a large concrete breather at the side of the ramp where the laundry also drained into, as does the toilet. It had to move to make way for the larger ramp. Also while we were at it, the 3 drain pipes from the bathroom upstairs were moved from the back wall along the ramp to another wall so as to make access to/from the house on the ramp a little wider again. The plumber was finally able to complete the job just after the sun went down.

The last thing is the back of the "garage" which is my storage area now. I used to have a very solid brick and concrete step there. It had to go as well, resulting in one heck of a drop from the back roller door! 

It will be replaced in due time with a full width of the garage, twin step. Here is the old step and old awning languishing in the back yard.

Thursday will see the concrete coming.

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