Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Delivery

Well, I took today off as I expected a delivery bloke to drop a new package off for me today. I was not disappointed as I got the call in the morning that all was well with the schedule and he'd be around mid afternoon.

So at about 2:00 pm a big truck arrived. Well, it had to be didn't it - the delivery was for my new Titan Carport and Patio! So the blokes got busy and started to unload the gear.

I'd been at it since mid-morning filling in the edges around the concrete slabs and leveling out the humps. By delivery time I was pretty well into it and as I type this missive, my back is killing me!  Lack of exercise probably doesn't help, but shoveling dirt into a wheel barrow and sifting through it by hand to remove stones, concrete, grass and such for hours on end, has really done me in.

So the guys stacked the gear for the Patio out the back along the side fence and the Carport gear went down the side of the house with the A-frames on the front slab.

The posts now-a-days are not held up by stirrups that are set in the slab any more. Instead, they use base plates and slide the posts over them and bolt them down to the slab with some dyna-bolts.

After all was done and I'd packed away my tools, I got out a beer or two and hosed down the slabs to get all the dirt off them I'd put there by walking all over them all day with my barrow full of dirt. This of course led me to almost fall asleep watching the news!  But I survived the massive pull to nod off and am at the PC now.

So hopefully in the next week or two, the Rigel boys will be out to assemble my big meccano set.

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