Sunday, May 18, 2014

Friday - The Driveway

On the Friday just over a week back, the fellas came back and got ready for another days work - this time probably only a half day. They had to lay concrete across the dusty plains of my driveway. Finally after 20 odd years I was getting a real one instead of the dust, dirt and mud I had.

The reinforcing was down, the boxing in place - they were ready to go. And off to work I went - so I missed the pour. But the results speak for themselves - a nice one fellas - very nice indeed.

So since Saturday week back, I have been watering all three of my slabs both morning and evening with an extra few drops when I was around during the day. Never hurts to keep it wet. But my young neighbour next door, who already thinks this old coot is crackers, now thinks I'm trying to grow carrots or something by all the watering - I just told him I'm part Greek and this is how you get the concrete green!

So during the week I've been slowly picking all the leftover concrete rubble and stones out of the dirt and filling in the holes where the boxing used to be. Another hand full of full days still to get it all mickey mouse, but its getting there.

The Patio and Carport materials will all be delivered from the Titan blokes some time this coming week. So it won't be long now till cover is in place for my trusty old Camry and from backdoor to shed.

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