Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Else Would You Get for a Train Shed!

A Pullman of course!

Yup – went and bought a Pullman – vacuum cleaner that is. Got myself a 15 litre barrel type suction device for the shed, and a dustpan and broom.

Have also gotten a can of Sika Boom (expanding polyurethane foam) to seal the edges of the shed to keep those insects, geckos and grass out of the place. I'll squirt it in where the metal sheets meet the concrete. That should keep the intruders out - well, it'll help.

I have also gone and placed the big order – 60 sheets of plywood with Janden Wood Products who are just up around the corner from the RMCQ train club. He's always been good on price and to the club as well, so I have no problems in supporting him. Nope, the plywood is not for the layout yet, but for lining the walls. I’ll use 12mm for the walls and 9mm for the ceiling. This should be delivered next Wednesday in the morning. I have also today placed an order with Bunnings for a crap load of R2.0 Earthwool batts for insulating the walls and ceiling. Delivery should be about 10 days or so - Easter etc mucks delivery times up a bit.

The studs are all 75mm deep, so I got the R2.0 product as being the best rating for that space which is available. This insulation plus the 12mm plywood on the walls should be good at keeping the place snug in all weather.  The ceiling benefits from the roof already having insulation blanket material under the roofing itself. The new ceiling structure that is in place will also get a layer of R2.0 Earthwool as well. So add the 9mm ply to that and I think my shed should be pretty good for insulation. I think the aircon will not have to work too hard at all.

Oh, and the sparky has been and laid all the wiring into place in preparation of my lining the shed. Once I've done the lining, then he’ll come back and install all the lights, the air-conditioner and power points. I have decided to have a double GPO in the middle of each wall, with an extra one on the wall that will have my workbench against it. There will be 12 lighting fixtures. Each will be a twin 28 watt flouro tube with a diffuser – all nice slimline units. 

Above is something like the lighting I want. Nice and slim and less overhangs for the geckos to sit on.

So here is the door and the red rectangle shows where the 12 light switches will be placed. I think I'll do a 4 x 3 bank emulating the actual layout of lights on the ceiling. By have 12 light switches I can have on as few or as many lights exactly where I want/need them at the time. The shed of course will have its own separate power sub-board to the house, hanging from a big safety fuse/switch. This way I can power off the whole shed from inside the house.

Above is the short wall which is closest to the house and the red circle shows where the sub-board will be for the power coming into the shed. My workbench will be along the left half of this wall. The door is just off to the left of the photo.

So it is all starting to get very real in the shed and therefore closer to a time I can say "I'm going to the shed to do some work on my trains".

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