Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Today I took down some of my HO Mopac motive power and a bunch of wagons and decided I'd have another run at lunch time. This is my last run for a few months while I head overseas for a bit of R&R, which funny enough, will involve riding a lot of trains in Wales, Scotland and Norway.

So I started the day with a splash of colour - some more greens. I did more grass work at the end of the peninsula. While I was at it, Bruce Hagaman got out some colours and his easel and played Rembrandt a bit with the backdrop for the top of the helix.

Phil was at it for a bit pulling wheels and hubs off both the N and HO trailers as it was noted they were running hot in Bundaberg. Turns out the bearings were OK, it was the brake drums. The brakes were playing up and had scored the drums. So some machining down the road and they were back on by the end of the day - thanks Phil.

Barry P got into a bit more foam work over to the right of the station as well.

President Plod and Bruce H were at it getting the kit ready for the RMCQ to attend the AMRA show on the weekend.

B1, B2 and myself got the N scale layout into the trailer ready for AMRA as well.

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