Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Last Modelling for a few Months

Yep, tomorrow I head off to a big place where I will hop into a big aluminium drink can (willingly) and then be hurled at great speed to the other side of the world.

So with that on the cards I thought it best to squeeze in my last look at the Brisbane modelling scene and head on out to the AMRA's Brisbane Model Train Show at the RNA grounds in Brisbane. The big permanent marquee is fantastic! All the layouts and shops under one big roof - it make it look so much bigger and better.

I spent the morning walking around checking out the shops and layouts and a heck of a lot of talkin' to mates in the modelling fraternity. I was able to control the hot feel of the wallet and the tingling in the finger tips to a great extent and only walked out with a pile of Mount Albert timber from The Railcar and a set of 4 RSH 4 wheel wagons from Ron at Eureka Models.

There were lots of layouts to look at but here are three that I have not seen before. The first set of photos is of an Aussi layout of a NSW area in HO scale - Bullenbung Creek

The next layout is an Australian flavoured freelance layout in On30, called Willy's Creek. It might not be a huge layout but the detail and scope of it is just fantastic - love it!

Now the third layout was in O scale of NSW in flavour. The chap only just got the thing running this morning before the show started - it is that new. He says more work still to be done, but I reckon for a small O scale layout it presents very well and is enjoyable to look at. So here is Gilbert Sidings, an O scale fictitious NSW are based layout.

Oh, and why not - here is a cute small layout that uses T gauge track and rolling stock in a case. I haven't seen this one before either. It is not actually T gauge in scale as it models something like 7-1/4" track - pretty damned neat I reckon.

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