Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pastel Yellow, maybe Fluorescent Yellow or perhaps Cantaloupe

Choices, choices choices. That is what I played with yesterday at the club. With only a few hours to play since the club monthly meeting was on later in the day and hence reduced play hours on the layout, I played with colours in my mind but also on the layout.

Since I had added a large patch the other day of greens to the Little Aspley area, I thought I'd look at possible colours for the rolling hills which inhabit the area from Little Aspley down to the base of the peninsula. I got out a range of colours we have at the club of fine ground foams.

Above we see last weeks effort of a full luxurious green rolling hills.

There were the Woodland Scenics, Burnt Grass, Weeds, Green Grass and Yellow Grass. Also the JTT Burnt Grass and Green Grass. So I had 5 or six colours to play with. So I laid down two patches about a square foot or more starting with the sieved dry dirt from our local creek to give a nice brown natural base to start with.

Similar colours to the first picture, but with some of the Yellow Grass thrown in for a drier grassland look.

So a good brushing of 50/50 white glue and water with a few drops of detergent was placed on the hills and the fine dry dirt sprinkled around to give a full coverage of the area I was working on. Then a spraying of wet water which I made from about a liter of water and a cup of isopropyl alchohol, to make it soak in fast, was applied over the dirt to soak in. I then used my artistic flair to apply the various shades of foam over the area (visualize handfuls of foam "thrown" around, but with panache and elegance - LOL).

And finally a lot more of the yellow, making for a very dry looking pasture.

Once the foam was down, another spray of the wet water and out with my little Xuron bottle with the hypodermic needle top. This I used to dispense the same 505/50 water white glue mix over all the foam until I could see it wet. Then I sprinkled on a bit more of the various foams to "keep it fluffy" and not make it look too unnatural when dry.

Looking towards the mounts and the drier climate.

To top it off I skewered the hills and poked in a few trees to make it look a bit like something and left it for people to see and make comments as well as allow us to make a decision, if needed, of colours. I reckon they both came up good and added to that of the other week, we could feather the colours from the very green at the top of the peninsula, down to the dry yellow look at the base of the peninsula where the mountain resides.

I also decided (on behalf of the N scalers) to donate a pile of Pine Trees to the HO'ers. So I planted them on the original set of hills at the base of the two peninsulas. Looks much better I reckon.

Peter A was also working more on the area for the new bridges. He's been doing a lot on the bridges at home and gave a showing on the day - NICE.

Oh and a quick bit of foam work I did was to complete a gap that existed in the foam next to the mainline near the mountain.

Till Wednesday - bye for now.

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