Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dr. Smith was right - "Oh, the pain, the pain, the pain!"

Finally got a sunny day here and got into it.

No, this is NOT a plant blog - it is about model trains - keep reading!

My back will complain in the morning, but my arms and legs are complaining now as I type. The reason is that many of the plants removed were large bromeliads - the ones with sharp barbs up and down their stiff leaves. It looks like I was attacked by a large swarm of bees - feels like it too. At least half of them got a new home at the front of my house - I think they look much better than the dead Camellias that were out front. Really needed that shower at the end of the day too, as I smelled like a swamp! Bromeliads hold water in their crowns and this water is always pretty fetid and of course spilled all over me when lugging these large monsters around.  This one below I think must be almost the same as a modeller's razor saw - I bet if I measured it, it would have teeth at about 56 TPI !!

First order of the day was to get a loaded trailer to the tip that was loaded up last Sunday. It was full of plants and pots and the old timber sleepers from around the lime and orange trees.

This made the old stumps look a bit more naked. A backhoe can now easily finish the job when the concreters come round.

So the main aim today was to get as much cleaned up under the old pergola as possible. This will allow me to lift the old pavers to expose the underlying concrete slab that needs to be got rid of - half of it anyway for the shed to go up and the other half not long after to allow the old brick shed to be demolished.

By the end of the day and another 220 kg to the tip in another trailer load, I got the old area clean enough. Even went past the hardware store and picked up a bristle broom and a gallon of bleach to clean the algae off the pavers so they can be reused for the new pergola.

And before anyone asks, no it was not financially viable to refurb the old brick shed. Ceiling was too low, the slab had sunk below ground level and always floods, timbers were past it, etc etc etc.

Over the last couple of weeks, have been chipping off bricks from the old BBQ to use under the chook shed. What is now left of the BBQ can be knocked down by the back hoe when it comes.

So I had some eggs for dinner, courtesy of my chooks and will probably hit the sack a tad earlier than normal I reckon. CYA next time.