Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Quickie in the Arvo

So I took this arvo off and took the 12:07 EMU home.

The main purpose being to go purchase some walking shoes and new jeans for my upcoming train journeying around the USA at the end of August and September. I plan on doing train trips from LA to Denver (9 day tour with lots of trains in Denver) to Chicago to Seattle to San Francisco to LA. With a stop at Williams to train it to the Grand Canyon and of course a flight (no trains) to Vegas. So once the shopping was done and some groceries purchased, there was still just enough time for a quickie.

It being garbo day tomorrow, and the bin being pretty much empty, I was able to fill it to the top and make it very heavy before the sun went down. I hooked into one of the large succulents out my back door where the new pergola will be. 

Here is the spot needing to be fully cleaned out - bet you can't even see where today's one came from.

This area needs to be empty for plant storage and all sorts of things whilst the new shed goes in. So out with a saw and into the shrub. Then the fun of picking up all the pieces and putting into the bin - the shrub, "Euphorbia grandicornis", has 2-3 inch (5 to 7 cm) long spines all over it and they just love to bite into me. Making it harder is that all the plants long ago threw their roots through the bottom of their pots and into the paving and ground below. Hence they are all extremely healthy and large.

After filling the bin I got into removing all the Agave plants from around the old orange tree stump. Plenty of homes were found for them as they are so easy to grow and are soft leaved and don't bite ya! "Agave attenuata" being the name, these came out with the large digging fork and spade. Off to mum's golf club they will go. The stump is now clear for the bobcat to finish off.

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