Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still no Trains - But I'm another day Closer

Sunday dawned behind dark clouds. So I slept in nice and long. By the time I got up and read the online papers and had a few cuppas, it was 9:30 and still cloudy as, and looking like rain. The yard was absolutely soaked though.

But it hadn't rained for a number of hours so I figured it was safe enough to don the work boots and climb aluminium step ladder whilst carrying a hammer, large screwdriver and nail pulling pliers.

By 1pm I'd gotten all the timber beams down and it was time to get out the power tool - the docking saw. Nothin' like making a crap load of sawdust out of lengths of timber. But after swinging it around a bit, I got all the timber cut up and into the trailer. So it was off the tip to get rid of the 340 kgs of old and rotting timber.

Once back, it was time to pour on some bleach on the pavers and scrub a bit with the broom and then hose down the whole area with water from the rainwater tank. Safe to walk on again, and the end of another day getting closer to that train shed!

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