Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finger is Out

Today was a very nice day actually. Sun was out, no one was around to pester me, all was good in the world.

So after reading a pile of online newspapers and a couple of cups of coffee, it was time to get out in the back yard and do some work so that the train shed of mine can get built.

So it was into that pile of thorns out the back roll-a-door. Most had to go as they'd grown too big and through the bottom of the pots. A few though will get a reprieve at the side of the house in a raised garden bed I have some spots in - like a whole bed. The bed closest on the left now is fully replanted.

The worst one to handle of course was the big Agave at the back left ("Agave parviflora"). It was as healthy as buggery and a full ball of sharp spines. Six hours later and I'm still pulling bits out of my hands and legs.

The rest of the plants went into the trailer for another run to the tip. Mostly Euphorbias and hard Agaves. But I did it and that back area even got a sweeping and a hose down from the rainwater tank which also is being emptied for moving to a new location. About 300 Kilos went to the tip. I think about 1 kilo of spines are still in my body as my right leg is swelling in many spots from embedded spines and I expect until they all blow up and infect I wont find 'em all!

You ask why there is still one plant left. Well, I figure since it is right up against the wall it can stay a little longer as it is not in the way yet. It is a very special one which I will keep - it's an "Alluaudia procera" which comes from Madagascar. It has spines all over, yet gets leaves directly on the branches and not on stems.

Anyway, That's one less job done and one step closer to my train shed. Before the sun went down I also got the mesh off of the old pergola, so the timber beams can now come down and be got rid of as well - a job for next weekend think.

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