Saturday, January 24, 2015

Beads are a Flying

Today I was able to get an early start and actually finish my coffee before anyone else got down to the club.

So it was straight into some foam work. Table got setup outside and a slab of foam thrown on top of it, metre ruler, nikko pen and handsaw was all set out and made ready. Radio was turned on and switched back to 4KQ for some good classic rock music to listen too and of course a second cup of coffee made and placed ready to cool down a tad.

So I got into adding a bit more to the left hand side of the river to get up to the height I was thinking of. Most will be cut away, but the blue beaded foam is good to work with and we have plenty. While doing this I also cleared away all the collected crap that was sitting on top of the foam that is sitting in the area of the village that Keith S has been thinking about.

Between talking, drinking coffee and such, I was able to also get a start made to the hill/mountain that will be at the base of the peninsula. This of course backs onto the mountain on the other side of the divider along the peninsula. I didn't get more than cutting some base blocks of foam out, but spent most of the time taking accurate measurements of the trackwork that is affected by the new wye that will be installed. From these measurements I will draw up a diagram so we can work out exactly where the new section of track needs to go and where to place the two new points for this wye.

Of course while I was working, John B was also busy with the foam work he is doing between this hill of mine and the station area. This will also incorporate the stock yards and a siding. He is also thinking of a small creek or open drain/culvert - should look good.

Phil W got busy doing some plywood work at the end of the fiddle yard peninsula. By in-filling that area, we can get ready to do something in the scenery department down there too. After the ply work, Phil got onto the square hole at the top of the helix and working on turning it into a round hole.

Oh, and Bruce H made some comment about green thumbs or something, so I planted a few more trees just to green up the no more gapped area we are also working on.

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  1. Starting to get some shape into now. Well done fellas.