Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday and the workers arrive for the morning shift.

Today Peter A started in on his mountain scene that will exist between two sets of portals which will frame the entry/exit to the helix from the lower deck level. This should end up being a really nice scene in my opinion. Peter is using the extruded polystyrene foam for the near vertical rock walls that will surround the scene. He will be using his newly acquired gouging method to make the rock faces in this particular type of foam as it takes the gouging so much better than the normal expanded polystyrene foam.

John B did some more foam work along the trackage that joins the area at the far left of the station up to the middle of the yard at the left of the station.

The other day after doing some timber work around the access hole at the base of the middle peninsula, Barry P started to glue in some fingers of 4 mm ply that will be used to hold up foam work between the top deck of the helix and the last turn of track beneath it. This foam will be shaped and sceniced to give some appeal to the helix besides it natural.... helixness. Since Barry wasn't there today I thought I'd help him out and get the last dozen glued in place. Later in the day I dummied up some foam to show what the starting point for the foam work will look like.

Above we see underneath the last loop of the helix at the top and the fingers of plywood glued on with Liquid Nails.

My main job today was to get the rail bridge back in place over the river so they could run trains in the afternoon - don't know why, as I was having plenty of fun building stuff on the layout!

Oh, you ask what the white think behind the rail bridge is. OK, I'll tell you.  It is a dummy I mocked up of a road bridge. It will be the main drag from the town on the left of the bridge and will disappear behind some trees at the right of the river, about where it meets the current top of the hill. From this main road a side road of class 3 of either dirt or perhaps very poorly maintained bitumen will venture across a wooden bridge to the front side of the mainlines and then head into the rural are at the right of the river. Craig M has volunteered to build the bridge for us.

Oh, and the last thing I did today was to start cutting a hole in the sky board to allow the wye to be laid once we get the points. Now to figure out how we will hide or scenic the entrance/exit in the sky board for the wye...

Till next time, have fun.

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  1. Foam, foam everywhere (well nearly!). This will look brilliant once sceniced. Keep up the momentum guys.