Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Window into Wednesday

Busy day today. Darryl D was back in town, so the wharf area got some work done. Ralph had also done up some more dummy containers for the container ship - looking good indeed now.

Bruce Hagaman was into doing the square hole in the helix as well as more on the track work around that area.

Me, I got into the foam again and added a bit more to the river scene. Peter A and I where bandying around a few ideas on Saturday after I mentioned that some were asking where was the road bridge I'd mentioned many moons ago. So a bit more height was added on the right hand side so that we can get the minimum 100 mm clearance above the track. Then we can add an old fashioned wood bridge.

So you can imaging the main road coming from left to right on the yellowish bridge above. It will sort of veer off slightly to the left into the skyboard. The dirt road will then come from the top of the back foam block and jump over via a wooden bridge to the front block. From there it will meander down to the farms or grazing are at the right.

I also dummied up the main road bridge that goes over the river. I expect maybe a modernish concrete structure may be the shot for the cars and trucks to use. This bitumen highway or main road will cross the river and disappear into the skyboard pretty much as soon as it makes ground on the right hand side. From this main road a turnoff onto a dirt or maybe poor grade bitumen road that uses a wooden bridge to get to the front of the tracks is in order. This will allow the boys designing the rolling hills and farmland to have a country road through the area. This in turn can end up at the cattle yards that John H is working on.

I also added in some more foam for the base of the hill/mountain at the base of the peninsula, while Barry got in and added some timber to act as safety rails around the hole under the mountain and then got into arranging how to hold the foam around the tip of the helix so some scenery can be added. Some fingers of 4 mm ply will stick out of the last loop on the helix proper, and this will act as a ledge for the foam blocks to sit on.

The other day I'd cut some ply out of the deck to the left of where the rain silos will be near the mountain. Into it I had glued some foam, today I did a quick carve out of it. This will allow a drainage ditch to be modeled there.

Now, let's see.... what will I do on Saturday?  MORE FOAM WORK !!

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