Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's all Greg's fault!

Before Christmas Greg B and I bought ourselves a little present - we got ourselves a logging loco each. There was a good price going on some Bachmann Spectrum HO scale 70-Ton Three-Truck Climax Locomotives. So we each ordered one. When they both arrived I buggered around with mine first and was having all sorts of problems running it in and testing it.

When talking to Greg a week later, he said he had no problem... yeh, right...  he had a nifty tool to help. He had gotten himself a "Rolling Road" from DCCconcepts. So after he brought it in for a show and tell at work the other week, I caved and ordered one myself. It arrived this arvo and was in use an hour later - neat!

These extra parts above, are so that I can use the Rolling Road with N scale locos, HO/OO, EM/P4 and also with HOn3½ and HOm.

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