Saturday, March 14, 2015

One more week of sleeps

That's right, it is only one more week until the Bundaberg Model Train Expo. So today was "pack the layouts away" day. The N scalers got theirs away relatively quickly today as expected and made room for the T-TRAK trailer to be wheeled into the main building for the T-TRAK to be loaded up.

The HO'ers did a much much more leisurely packup, as expected.

Being a meeting day and a cutoff of eleven for major work on the layout, nothing really got done on it. Except I did manage to make up a caulking gun full of "putty" and fill a pile of gaps and holes and fillet the foam hills into the layout where possibly a small loading dock station or small country stop will go. Craig M gave me a hand and we got it done just in time for the meeting to start at 2. The mix this time was my usual of acrylic gap filler, foam beads and vermiculite, but I also added in a few handfuls of fine sawdust as well.

So the area is looking a bit more complete in regards to the foam work.

With Kev away pulling down a Constellation aircraft in Manila, John B ran the usual HO layout meeting. Main thing was Tony C brought in the station he is building and Greg B got a conversation going about possible backdrop scenarios for the station area. Here are the station components from Tony.

And here are a few of the possible backdrop components - some of many I expect.

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