Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Bundaberg train show was on the weekend and was a great weekend away with the boys. I'll post about it later. Today at the club was more of a slow day with a good number of fellas away for the day. I got all the N scale exhibition layout modules out of the trailer and placed them on tables so we could do a good cleanup on them and a few minor tweaks over the next few weeks as they will be on show at the N Scale Convention in April. We can start working on them on Saturday.

Barry P got busy doing a bit more foam installation work at the top of the helix so that we can shape it up a bit.

I did a bit more foam work myself. Managed to get another few blocks in along the wall at the base of the peninsula. Carving can start shortly on that.

Also got a layer at the back of the wye in place. This will also stop a train from falling on the floor as well - A good thing I reckon.

Oh, and the last main block of foam in the rolling hills section, at the base of the peninsula, has had a lot more beads removed and is pretty much ready for a coat of No More Gaps to seal it.

The access hatch area at the base of the peninsula got a bit of attention to shorten all the timbers to bare minimum and tidy it up ready for doing a pile of foam work to build the new mountain there very soon.

Once the blokes started running trains after lunch, I did a bit of foam work to seal the gaps either side of the "tunnel" from one side to the other that the wye makes. I also got some cheap acrylic black paint and gave it a lick as after all, it will be the inside of a tunnel. I also did the same on the tunnels on the big mountain.

And of course John B was kicking around making a big racket. He cut the dividing skyboard down on the first peninsula on the top deck.

Well that's the day for me I suppose. Catch ya later.

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