Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back to Normal

Saturday this week saw us back at the club after last weeks good times up in Bundaberg. The foam was still calling out to me, so I took up my Surform tool and tackled a bit more terrain.

I started with a beginning of the mountain that will rise at the base of the peninsula. I had hoped to keep it to a very shallow hill type, but with trying to keep as much track visible as possible for maintenance purposes, it sort of really needs to be a bit steeper than envisaged. But time will tell as it is always a work in progress and changes as it grows.

Next I added a bit more foam against the wall and shaped it a bit. This will end up with trees on it so as to try and disguise the wall itself as much as possible and draw the eye to the tracks and trains.

I also got a bit of foam roughly carved out for in front of the wye and covering the hole in the skyboard. A bunch of trees and you'll never know there was a hole in the wall behind it.

Last bit of work was to give the last of the rolling hills a coat of No More Gaps. It turned out not quite the same colour, but the dirt and grass that goes over it will completely cover it anyway.

Lastly are some photos of a "find" Peter A made in Bundaberg. George at Aurora Trains had a couple of big red boxes in his shop at the show. Peter was poking around and found they were brass HO scale bridges - dual lane in fact. They had some transport damage so were going at a good price. Made in Germany by Hack-Bruecken, these bridges are all brass, two tracks wide and 60 cm long - perfect! We've measured them up in the spot we think they will fit on the club layout and one of the bridges will be perfect for the middle bridge - the one under the big one Peter is building that spans the top deck. Normally these bridges are €134,95 each, but we scored them for $40 a pop! Peter has done the straightening and soldering repair work and with a lick of paint we will see one of them ready for use on the layout when time comes.

Haven't had a run on the layout for a bit, so the N'ers are having a run "On the dark side" this coming Monday - So I might bring a pile of HO down and play choo choos for the day :o)

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