Sunday, February 15, 2015

February '15 - The Year is already Flying by

Well, Saturday was the monthly meeting day for the RMCQ, so not as much work as usual gets done!

I did go out to Supercheap Auto and grab a couple of cans of Grey Primer spray paint. Some then went onto the instant coffee container lids Peter A and I have been collecting - it's a good coffee to drink - "Avalanche Duo. The glass jar comes with a plastic lid that is a cylinder of 74 mm diameter x 135 mm high. They sort of stand in well as oil and gas tanks. I sprayed three at full height and cut a couple down to about 60 mm. These can hang around looking like they mean business holding fuel until we purchase or make some real models for those locations on the layout.

I got an hopur of foam carving in on the right hand end of the hills section. Almost right. Then I can continue to the end where it will meet the hill/mountain where the wye will be. After chatting with Matthew F, he said it is pretty much as he'd imagined and for me to continue - saweeet.

Craig M brought in his timbers and makings for the wooden bridge he is building for the crossing of the rails to the right of the river. 

It will be a modified 18' 2" NSW bridge to suit the large gap created by two mainlines instead of the normal single NSW line. This will look really good I reckon. We see Jim H and John S looking over Craig's shoulders as he takes some additional measurements.

Peter A continued work on the header area to the helix which is coming along nicely. Peter added in a wash of grey paint in some No More Gaps and water. This gives a bit of texture and lets us see what we have much better for now. I think Peter will be going with a pink granite finish in the end.

At the end of the fiddle yard peninsula, Peter A and I have been mulling around some ideas of what might be. I laid out some scrap track and template points to see what might fit. I'll also donate a Walthers kit I have called "Commissary/Freight Transfer Building" which is about 300 mm long, so either in one piece of cut down the middle to make 600 mm of building, we'll get it in and give us part of a nice scene for boxcar loading/unloading. We'll need to do up some SCARM drawings to see what fits for curves and points - no real big rush. I reckon we can get maybe three or four small operational locations around here.

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